Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage!


Spring Term

A huge welcome to our new starters in Foundation 1.  Everyone has settled very well after the Christmas break.

Our theme for this half term is People Who Help Us.  Both Foundation 1 and Foundation 2 will be investigating a variety of different occupations including teachers, lollipop person, police, fire, post person, doctors and nurses, dentist and optician.

Foundation 1 will have two role play areas this term, one is a café (as requested by the children!) and one is a Doctors Surgery.  Foundation 2 has a doll hospital as their role play area and the writing area has become a post office.

We will all be continuing to explore and develop our skills both indoors and outdoors using all of our areas of provision.

We are very lucky within the Foundation Stage to have a variety of grown ups working with us.

  • Mrs Archer - Foundation Stage Leader / Foundation 2 Teacher
  • Miss Diver - Foundation 1 Teacher 
  • Mrs Kitchen - Foundation 2 Nursery Nurse 
  • Mrs Lindley - Foundation 1 TA
  • Mrs Fisher - HLTA
  • Mrs Freer - Nursery Nurse (Absent at present)

Foundation Stage Photo Gallery! - click to see photos from our special days

Foundation 1 Reminders

Our library day is Wednesday

All children to bring wellies to be left at school for outdoor play

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Foundation 2 Reminder

Our hall days are Tuesday and Friday

Foundation 1 Timings

AM session - 8.45am - 11.45am

PM session - 12.45pm - 3.45pm

Foundation 2 Day