Welcome from Head Girl and Boy

Head Girl - Lola 

Hello, my name is Lola. I am Head Girl of Holme Upon Spalding Moor Primary School this year. While at school I behave to the best of my ability, I enjoy school at H.O.S.M! Here, I enjoy all subjects, but a few I enjoy the most are: Literacy, Numeracy and P.E. At H.O.S.M we enter lots of competitions and compete against other schools This year, we have entered Maths and Literacy challenges run by Woldgate College. A few students are selected from each class (in Year 5/6 ) and they are invited to attend. I have recently been invited to go to the Maths challenge that is imminent.

I have been at H.O.S.M since the middle of year one, and have enjoyed it here from my first day onwards! I am in Miss Woodall’s class, otherwise known as Class 9.

Our Headteacher is great! He supports us all extremely well. William (the Head boy) and I get along very well and support each other and Mr Woodhouse’s ideas.

I have many hobbies but my favourite hobby is football. This is something that involves nothing more than a goal or two, a ball and some football players. It’s a really fun game to play!


Head Boy - William

My name is Will, I am Head Boy of H.O.S.M Primary School in 2017. I have been at this school since I was three (in nursery), but I only moved into Holme Upon Spalding Moor when I was seven. I am 10 now, nearly 11, my favourite sports are trampolining and football. I always play football at school with all my friends.

My favourite part of school is cross country (I came third at Woldgate school). On sports day in Year Four I came first in the long distance race. In Year five I came third, my big brother Finley beat me who was in Year six and so did Luke who was in Year six.

I enjoy school and my friends make it even better. My teacher Miss Woodall is awesome! The TA’s are good as well. The subjects we cover at school are interesting and fun. We take part in school trips and even get to go away on residentials. 

Lola and I were both elected to be Head boy and Head girl last summer and we had to make a speech to Key Stage 2. All the children then got a vote. We promised the children we would be good listeners, we would support the school and teachers and we would also set a good example. I am looking forward to representing our school this year.