Subject Leader: Mrs A Bradford

Maths continues to be taught daily in all areas of the school. Maths is planned, in all classes, using the ‘White Rose’ long term plans and lessons are supplemented with resources from a wide range of other providers, including Classroom Secrets, Busy Ants, Maths No Problem and Third Space Learning. This is all down to teacher preference and the needs of the children in each class. We follow a maths mastery curriculum, aiming to move all the children in the cohort together and teacher the age related expectations with depth and understanding. 

Maths is formatively assessed from maths lessons, using OTrack. Termly, children complete White Rose maths assessments to hep confirm teacher’s judgements on children’s learning. This then feeds into a summative judgement termly on OTrack. Children’s books are updated with the targets they have achieved within maths termly.

This year the implementation of Timestable Rockstarz has proved a huge hit with the children but also improved the rapid recall skills of children’s timestable facts. The children are given the opportunity to log on to TTRockstarz during their lunch hours but also can use facilities at home to practice. Every week in merit assembly awards are presented to children achieving the greatest improvement in scores and the most points scored within a week. The enthusiasm for learning timetables has rocketed!


Maths intent, implementation and impact document. 


TT Rockstarz

For the past few years, as a Subject Leader Miss Woodall has been working alongside the Yorkshire Riding's Maths Hub. This has provided training for 'maths mastery' and we have continued our journey into developing the maths curriculum across the school. Recently Miss Woodall has just been selected to participate in the Maths Mastery Specialiist Training for the Yorkshire Riding's Maths Hub. This will enable us to further develop, and engage with other schools in this specialist area. 

Moving Forward:

As we move into the academic year 2019/2020 the following areas will be focused on in maths.

  • Develop children’s mathematical vocabulary, reasoning and explaining skills.
  • All classes to continue to be working from the ‘White Rose’ long term planning.
  • Same year group classes to plan consistently for maths lessons.
  • Cross curricular links for maths
  • To implement pupil progress meetings to review OTrack data termly with teachers and therefore ensure interventions/stretch and challenge is being applied to as many pupils as necessary.
  • Further improve our greater depth learners in maths.


Year 2 - Example of Deeper understanding
Year 2 - Example of Deeper understanding