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Google Classroom Info

Google Classroom - User guide for Pupils (and parents!)


We are beginning to use Google Classroom for home-schooling during the Lockdown period.

It is new to most of us so below is a guide for pupils to use. (A PDF version is below if you wish to print it)

If you have any problems please contact Mr Fisher at school, via Class Dojo or email him at m.fisher@hosm.eriding.net

(Google Classroom can be accessed through this link: https://classroom.google.com/


Click here for PDF download of the instructions if you wish to print them out.

Signing In

  1. Type ‘Google Classroom’ into Google and choose the first link that appears.
  2. You should be asked to sign in – please use the username and password sent to you in a text message from the school.

(If you use Google for other things and currently have a google username, you will need to sign out of this first, before logging in).


Accessing Work

  1. On the left-hand side you should see your class teacher’s name (on the blue background) – click on their name.
  2. Your teacher’s name (and blue background) now appears across the screen. This is the Task Page.
  3. Underneath the box will be the tasks set by your teacher.
  4. Click on the task to open it.
  5. Any instructions should be on the screen.
  6. On the right-hand side of the screen is the Your Work box – the next bit is the important bit!


  1. Click on the document in the Your Work box – it should open on your screen.
  2. The Google Docs document should allow you to type directly onto it.
  3. Complete the work in Google Docs – it automatically saves as you go along.

Submitting your work to the teacher

  1. When you have finished, look to the top right of Google Docs and you should see a grey TURN IN button next a blue Share button.
  2. Click on TURN IN. Your work will close and a small window should open asking you to confirm this. Click Turn In and that’s it – your work is submitted to your teacher!

(Alternative instructions for Turning In White Rose Maths work)

Maths work is completed on Google Slides (not Google Docs) It doesn’t come with a TURN IN button on the work, so please follow these instructions for this type of work.

  1. When you have finished your work close the tab (This can feel a bit unnerving as there isn’t a save button – however, at the top of the screen there should be an underlined sentence which says, ‘Last edit was seconds ago’ This tells you that your work is saved.
  2. Once Google Slides is closed you should have returned to the original document (in point 7 above)
  3. You have completed your work BUT your teacher can’t see it yet, so the next bit is very important!
  4. In the ‘Your work’ box on the right, you can still see the original Google Slides that you opened to start your work – this version is the blank version, so click on the X next to the document. It will be replaced by a sentence allowing you to make a copy – you don’t want to do this. Now, you need to add your completed Google Slides document. Under the work, is a bar which says, ‘+ Add or create’ Click on it and then select ‘Google Drive’ from the list.
  1. A box opens on the screen. There are 4 tabs in the box, ‘RECENT’ ‘UPLOAD’  ‘MY DRIVE’  ‘STARRED’  Make sure ‘RECENT’ is selected (It should be written in blue)
  2. The first document in this section should be the one you have just completed, so click on it and a blue bar appears underneath.
  3. On the blue bar, click on the word, ‘INSERT’
  4. You should return to the page with the ‘Your Work’ box on it. After a few seconds, your work should appear under the original document in the ‘Your Work’ box.
  5. When it appears, click on the words, ‘Turn In’ (in the blue bar) underneath your work.
  6. A new window may appear asking you to confirm so click on ‘Turn In’
  7. After a few seconds you should return to the main screen and now in the ‘Your Work’ box the blue bar has gone and should be replaced with the word ‘Unsubmit’ This means you have sent your work to your teacher!

What to do next

  • To return to the task page to see if you have any more work to complete, look in the top left-hand corner and you should see your teacher’s name with 3 horizontal lines next to it. Click on their name to go back to the task page.


  • Alternatively, if you’ve finished you can sign out by clicking on the green circle in the top right-hand corner – it should have the first letter of your name in it. When you click on it, scroll down and click on the word, ‘Sign Out’