Subject leader: Mr B Blount


We teach music using the award winning Charanga music scheme.


We follow the English Model Music Curriculum which ensures:

● Children will develop their skills in inquiry and critical thinking.
● Children will begin to feel and learn about social connectivity.
● Children will learn about and deepen their musical understanding and connect this with
their place in their community.
● Children will become globally aware and understand what it means to become a citizen of
the world.
● Songs and singing lie at the heart of the learning process.
● An authentic musical experience is at the heart of musical learning.
● At each age and stage of development, musical learning is drawn from engaging with the
songs in each unit.
● Music is fun, modern, inclusive and engaging.
● Music lessons will help children to understand and connect with different styles of music
from various cultures, particularly where cultures intersect.
● Children will gain an understanding of historical and cultural contexts related to music.
● Children will form their own musical opinions and learn to make their own musical