The School Governing Body


Thank you for clicking on this page to find out about the work of the governing body of Holme on Spalding Moor Primary School. The Governing Body performs a very important role in the life and development of a school.

What is a school governing body?

Our primary function is to help raise the educational standards and performance of the school by supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff. Specific areas where governors are involved include:

  • promoting high standards of achievement;
  • planning the school’s long term future;
  • setting the school’s aims, values and ethos;
  • budgetary allocation and control;
  • appointing staff.

Standards and protocols.

While governors are all volunteers, we are nevertheless required to adhere to certain protocols and standards of conduct. We have adopted the version issued by East Riding of Yorkshire Council: (link).  Read the latest version at: (Version updated September 2022)

Formally, the school also has an instrument of government. Find this at: Instrument of Government. (Version November 2014)

Who is on a School Governing Body?

A school governing body tries to reflect the different parts of the school and local community. This means the governing body will include parent governors, staff governors, local authority governors and co-opted governors. Governing bodies work on a stakeholder model not a representative one so those elected endeavour to provide the views of an average parent, average member of staff, or average member of the community. We also look to have a broad range of professional skills on the Governing Body to help us cope with the diverse issues which may arise.

Most governors take up specific roles within committees of the governing body – for example Chair or Vice Chair of the full governing body or of one of its sub-committees. Others take on a responsibility for supporting the work of the Headteacher and staff in a particular area. This gives governors the chance to gain a wider knowledge and contribute to the development of the school.  

Governors can be contacted via the School Office. Part A (publicly available) minutes of governor meetings become available once approved at the subsequent meeting of the full governing body. They can then be viewed by contacting the school office.

Glossary of Education Terms

As with all professions, jargon and abbreviations flourish! These are clear to people working in that profession but can seem like a different language to others. Governors have compiled a Glossary of Education Terms comprising some of the common terms you will come across in communications from the school. We hope it will be helpful.


If, having read this introduction to the school governing body, you would like to know more about the work we do on your behalf, do get in touch with me or indeed any current member of the governing body. And, if you feel you have the skills and commitment required to make an effective contribution as a governor, we would like to hear from you. We can be contacted via the school office.



Caroline Pickard - Chair of Governors