High Street, York, East Riding of Yorkshire YO43 4HL

01430 860287

Holme On Spalding Moor Primary School

School Day

    7.30 am



Breakfast Club opens

Children permitted on school premises (During COVID times they should head straight to their designated door)

    8.50 am


    9.00 am

 Lessons start


 Assembly (Not in COVID times)

  10.30 am

Break time - an opportunity to go outside if the weather is good

  10.45 am

 Classes start again  

  12.00 noon

 Lunch time for FS and KS1


 Lunchtime for KS2

   1.15 pm

Afternoon Registration


Break time 

   3.20 pm

 End of School Day - FS2 and KS1

   3.25 pm

 End of School Day - KS2

*After School Club available until 6pm*


Don't forget to do read and do any homework you've been given